Sunday, July 10, 2011

4 days in the woods with my family...

It has now been almost 2 1/2 months that the boyfriend and I have been living together. It doesn't seem like that long, and it actually hasn't felt like that long either. In a good way. Things are still going well and I am still a happy girlfriend.
For the 4th of July weekend we headed to Calavares Big Trees state park by Arnold, CA. to camp with my family for four days. My family was very eager to get to spend time with us both and get to know my boyfriend a lot better. It was a ton of fun, and despite the fact that we had the most modest tent (theirs towered over ours) we really did enjoy the time. I would post pictures but I can't seem to locate my camera cord at the moment. A couple days before we left I received some big news. I am being transferred to the Davis, CA. store to manage the Starbucks kiosk there! Exciting and stressful at the same time. Everyone send me good thoughts, I will need them. I took a drive there today to scope out the place and its a great store, and everyone seems really nice, so hopefully I will fit right in. I will miss everyone at the Granite Bay store though, I have become pretty close with a lot of them :( but that's what Facebook is for, right? Or maybe the phone.
The boyfriend is still annoyed by the cats, and honestly so am I right now. Man I love them, but Amos WILL NOT stop meowing at our bedroom door at 5am every morning. SHUT UP CAT! Ezra's puking has gone down significantly but he's old and it still happens. I can't imagine why my boyfriend didn't want to live with cats. haha.
We are looking going to be buying the perfect BBQ soon, so many BBQ's are soon to come. My friends Blair and Kelly and their baby boy Gabe were over yesterday and it was great to see them and show off the place. We still love it. Plus, my best friend Tori just moved in to her own house a block away, yay!
I just realized this post is super boring so sorry about that. The next one will be better and hopefully be full of pics. Oh, and it seems as though I'm catching a cold and that sucks. Ahhh...I will let you know how being sick in the new relationship goes. Will I get tender loving care, or will he avoid me in hopes of not getting sick himself???...stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Warm salsa and top soil...

Well, The boyfriend and I have officially been living together for a little over a month and I have to say, it's been pretty awesome. Of course there has been moments when it wasn't so awesome, but all-in-all it's and he is pretty great. I have learned a few things this past month and some were a bit harder to learn than others.
First lesson; Moving day is better when we just don't speak. May 1st we woke up early and ready to get all of our things into the new place. Well, mostly my
things, but we will get to that later. We picked up the Uhaul and moved the stuff I had at my parents house 1st. This was supposed to be an easy task, as most of my things were in a storage unit. After a few boxes and a mattress we immediately began to hate each other. I tried to over take control as he went off about how much "shit" I have. Finally, we both stopped talking all together, and it went smoothly from there. Well, except for the fact the Uhaul was almost full before we even left for the storage unit. Yes. I have a lot of things. Things I use. We managed to finish unloading everything at the new place pretty quickly considering it was just the two of us, and that was that.
Lesson #2; Everyone should grocery shop for themselves. About a week after move-in, it was clear a trip to the grocery store was in order. It was decided I would go because...well I'm not really sure why. I had the boyfriend text me a list of what he wanted and off to Wal-Mart I went, because they are damn cheap and if you don't like it I don't care. I spent about 2 hours shopping (keep in mind we had nothing at the house), and spent about $200. I thoug
ht I did pretty damn well. Got a lot of stuff, everything on his list and mine. So, apparently my boyfriend is "brand-specific" and does not care for wal-mart brand items or whatever happens to be the cheapest I can find. I've always shopped for the cheapest products, so this sounded absurd to me. For example, Kraft BBQ sauce is .78 and Sweet Baby Rays is 1.78. I chose Kraft. I chose wrong. I mean, I know SBR is better, but I was trying to save some dough. So from now on I get a SPECIFIC list with brand names included and so far I think that works.
Lesson #3; Some people like warm salsa. What!? I know it sounds crazy but app
arently when you put groceries away you should not put the jar of salsa directly into the fridge, it should stay on the pantry shelf so that the first serving will be delicious and warm and not cold. After opening, it should go in the fridge of course. I was trying to save a step, but I was not aware that room temperature salsa is appealing to anyone. This apparently is also true of Jelly. So yes, different people like different things, and this can only be learned through getting to know each other more and more each day. From now on we put our own groceries away also.
Lesson #4; Gardening is NOT relaxing, it is hard and tiring. We had some bare plant beds in the front of the house that were
screaming for life and color so I made a trip to Home Depot on my day off and decided to get flowers and plant them. I figured it wouldn't take long and it would be pretty easy. I figured wrong. It took forever, it was hot out, I was sweaty and it was freakin hard to do. I also realized there is a difference between 'potting soil' and 'top soil', but hopefully it won't affect the plants too much that I used the wrong one :( The front of the house does look much better though and I must have done a good job because my boyfriend assumed I hired Mexicans to do it.
So, the first month has been interesting but I am enjoying every bit of it. It's kind of amazing this domestic bliss thing. I've been trying to make dinners but run out of ideas pretty quickly. I have discovered that 'Hamburger Helper' really isn't all that much help and that a 'Magic Bullet' totally is. Any dinner ideas would be greatly appreciated. Make them easy ideas because a Chef I am not. A happy girlfriend I am though.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Reduce, Recycle...Ikea?

With our move-in date fast approaching, the boyfriend and I made a trip to the fantastically Swedish world of Ikea. Which made me think, exactly how "Swedish" is Ikea? I mean, they have all those Swedish names for everything, but are those really Swedish names? For example, I noticed a childrens sand castle set named "Sandig". I mean, could the Swedish name for this really be THAT literal? Any Swedes out there feel free to reply. We wandered from faux living room to faux kitchen draping ourselves over couches and discussing how short is too short for an entertainment center. Two hours later we walked out with a cinnamon roll and a long list of things we don't have. I also learned that our tastes are very similar but not quite equal. For example, did you know that Californians don't use top sheets on their beds? I don't use one, but I thought it was just me. Do you use a top sheet? I explained that it gets so warm here that there is no need for one, plus it's just another thing to wash. He insisted a top sheet is the logical choice, and I am willing to give it a go. I also learned the difference between duvets and quilts, modern vintage and shabby country, meatballs and Swedish meatballs, and California and Wisconsin.

Today was my day off so I decided to stroll through Deseret Industries, a thrift store known for having a lot of everything you can imagine. That is exactly what I did. Stroll. There was so much to look at that I couldn't help but go slow. I perused the furniture, imagining everything with a fresh coat of paint and some lovely new knobs. I found myself wondering if it was better to buy new or used. Spend $50 for something ready to go (or with some assembly required) or spend $5 on something I will need to sand, paint, and get new knobs for. Hmmm. Nothing jumped out at me anyway, plus I have no measurements to go off of for the new place. I went for storage cabinets and desks, and left with three tank tops. Oh well.

Lease signing is Wednesday and I'm excited, even though I have a ton to do. At least I know it is do-able, and I am still very excited to see the boyfriends face everyday. I've been missing it a lot lately.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

it gets tricky...

I am in a relationship. The thing is I have no idea how to do this. I have had one serious relationship before this that lasted a couple of years, but him and I were pretty much all wrong for each other. Now I have found someone. Someone that is very similar to me (sometimes too similar) and in pretty much every way he is exactly what I need. He laughs at my jokes, and I find him witty and amusing. I can be around him all day long and still want more. He is just plainly, the one. Ah...but here is where it gets tricky. I am new at this. Being single and very independent for most of my life has allowed me to do pretty much whatever I want, and put myself first. does one learn to be in a relationship? In this blog you will follow me through this learning experience. I will probably be writing a lot of 'what-not-to-do's", and hopefully about some great moments as well. I will be able to take advice from you, which will help and one day I may just figure it out. This is life from a 'Green Girlfriends' point of in someone who is beginning and learning. The man and I are moving in together beginning May stay tuned...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Upside of Down...

So, two weeks after my adventure began, here I sit at home reflecting on my time away in it's entirety. I spent a lazy day in Miami, before catching my flight back home, with a short layover in Houston. In Miami, Ryan and I tried our luck at Cuban food again. Ryan found a well reviewed restaurant online that wasn't to far from the hotel, so we headed over anticipating the same greatness we found in Key West. Once we got there, we were quickly seated, as there were only two other people in the place. We looked over the delicious food on the menu, which was in both Spanish and English and when the waiter came to take our order we realized he spoke little to no English. We gestured with our hands, pointed here and there on the menu, and said yes to most of what ever it was the waiter said to us. As he left to put in our order we came to the conclusion that lunch was going to be abundant and a bit of a surprise. It took two waitresses to carry our food to the table and it all looked delicious. We dove in, and Ryan immediately discovered that although he distinctly ordered 'pollo' he was eating 'carne de vaca'. My pork chunks were tasty, although nothing on our plates measured up to our last Cuban meal. We left feeling unsatisfied, but adventurous. The next day we said our goodbyes and I caught the shuttle to the Miami International Airport. Two long flights helped me gather my thoughts about my entire trip, and as I rested my forehead against the tiny, cold airplane window I watched each town and city pass beneath me in a flash. I thought about all the tall, beautiful trees that whirled past the roadside that I wasn't able to see. I envisioned the rest stops an gas stations full of shady characters and bathroom graffiti that I wasn't able to witness. I missed the hot dusty wind forcing my hair to whip me in the face. I wanted the sunburned forehead from the sun roof being open all day. I lifted my head to tell the stewardess that I wouldn't be needing a turkey dog and closed my eyes. The sights and sounds that carried me through a week of driving passed beneath me in a few hours and I finally came to the realization that the open road is definitely the best way to travel.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The last few days have been far too busy and far to relaxing to even try to keep up on this blog. Monday we all headed down to Key West for the day. While Joe grabbed a mimosa down the street, Ryan and I started out the day with a tour of the Hemingway Home. The house was beautiful and let me have a glimpse of Hemingways life in the 1930's. As we walked past his personal library of books and through the different rooms, cats passed over our feet and darted around the house. Apparently, the story goes that a shipman who Hemingway befriended had left him with an unusual six-toed cat and still to this day, many of the 60 cats that inhabit the house and yard have the same six toes. After that we headed to Captain Tony's Bar, which is the original Sloppy Joe's, which is the bar that Hemingway frequented while living in Key West. That was awesome, and I almost left my bra there (apparently it's acceptable to hang them from the ceiling), but it's the only one I brought so I did not. Next, the three of us traveled from bar to bar enjoying the sights and the weather. I was happy to learn that it was acceptable to take your drinks to-go in Key West and drunkly drink them as you saunder down the street. This came in handy when we bought drinks at a 'clothing optional' bar and it filled up with old leathery locals. Eek. After some shopping and some eating, we headed back to the campsite around sunset and called it a we were exhausted. The next morning we woke up ready for lazy day and headed to Sombrero Beach down the street and lay in the sun and swam in the Atlantic all afternoon before returning back to the tent. Upon arrival I immediatly came to the realization that I failed to put sunscreen on from the knees down, and I was glowing in the dark. I will never learn. I slathered aloe all over and passed out in the tent. Woke up about 45 minutes later to find that Ryan and Joe had ditched me to go get drinks at the bar. I was pretty OK with this as I was ready to call it night. This morning (wednesday), with my burn feeling a bit better, we woke up and Ryan and I headed back to Key West for a lazy day of shopping and had the most amazing meal at this Cuban restaurant by the shore. Plantain nachos and Creole shrimp with Yucca, yellow rice, and black beans. So good. We gorged ourselves then walked around a bit more and headed back to the campsite around 4pm to pack up and head to Miami. Joe takes off tomorrow morning, and I take off on Friday morning so we are staying in Miami a few nights until then. Camping has been fun, but I am so glad to be in a hotel room. Now i'm off to bed in an ACTUAL bed and I am super excited about it...GOODNIGHT!

amanda faye

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hurry Up and Slow Down...

Left our gorgeous hotel in Tampa around 10am yesterday and hit the road to Miami Beach to pick up Ryan's friend Joe. Miami Beach was insanely busy, but beautiful also. Didn't have much time to check it out, plus we were all dying to get to the Keys. As we approached the Keys, it didn't seem like much to look at. Dilapidated buildings and old gas stations serving fried chicken lined the streets. Traffic begin to bunch up the closer we got, and then as we crossed a small bridge the horizon opened up to endless aquamarine ocean. Palm trees blew in the bursts of breezes and parasailers flew overhead. About 30 more miles down, past quaint shops and delicious smelling restaurants we hit our camp site and pulled in around 7pm. We set up the tent, with some help from some drunk fellow campers, Frank and Joe, who were surprisingly helpful despite the fact the were stumbly drunk. We had some interesting conversation and a beer with them before setting out to find food. Ryan, Joe (not drunk Joe...althought this Joe had shotgunned a beer at this point), and I ate at Herbie's which was AMAZING. I had the crab cakes but everyone ended up eating off Ryan's plate because he ordered sauteed red snapper and it was pretty much the best thing any of us had ever tasted...until we got to the key lime pie that is. Geezus i'm going to eat my weight in fish and pie these few days...yummmm. Got back to the campsite, had a few more beers, and then I was ready to crash. Woke up this morning pretty darn early, as Wobbly Joe and Master Chef Frank (our drunky camp neighboors) kept me up most of the night because apparently they have no need for sleep and like to converse with eachother until the wee hours. Still, can't say it's a bad thing that I am complaining about a lack of rest in the Florida Keys...I will take it any day. Had breakfast (crab benny and a bloody mary) this morning and now here I am, ready to go fully enjoy the beach.

amanda faye