Sunday, January 11, 2015

Plant, Pup, Parent.

     Apparently the girlfriend thing is going well because we now have a DAUGHTER!  It's been three years since my last post and things have definitely changed, to say the least.  Not only am I a Green Girlfriend, but I am now a Green Mother.  I should start at the beginning...

     When the boyfriend and I moved in together we started our family small, with a house plant.  Here is what that house plant looks like now: 
     As you can see, it's barely hanging on, but we marched forward regardless of my lack of a green thumb.  What comes after plant?  Dog.  To this day we still debate who's idea it was to get a dog.  I say it was his, he says it was mine, but somehow we ended up walking that cement hallway of kennels at the local pound.  There we were, face to face with this:
     Now how could you not name her Milwaukee and take her home??  So there we were.  Dead plant, old cat (Ezra's been by my side since I was 21), and dog.  Our happy little family for going on 4 years.  What a 4 years it's been.  I've triumphed in many ways, and made many mistakes along the way as well, but we are still happy seeing each others faces (most) every day.
    So what comes after dog you ask?  Well this little nugget of course:
     Meet our daughter, Juniper.  She is a demanding, exhausting, expensive little monster wrapped up in an adorable package that I simply can not get enough of.  We planned for her but we did not plan for what comes with her.  Sleepless nights, bleeding nipples (mine not the boyfriends), all the crying (mine not Juniper's), and all the love you can possibly feel for one little human being.  It's been 2 months and so far she seems to be healthy and happy, and we our very happy despite the trials of child. 
     I am still trying to master the art of The Girlfriend, and now I'm going to try to master the art of Mother at the same time.  Hopefully it all turns out better than the plant.

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