Monday, March 15, 2010

Bullsh**t before goodsh**t...

As of a few weeks ago, my landlord abruptly gave us the news that the house we are renting has been sold, and we have to be out in 30 days. So now, with no job (and yes, I know I work part time at Forever 21 but I still consider that having no job), no prospects of a job, and living off of unemployment I had to make a decision. Move with Tori and Rob (the lovebirds of which I currently live with) to their new place in Tahoe Park or move back home to my parents house. I chose the latter. Although I love my best friend, living with a couple in love is absolutely the worst thing in the world. Even worse then living with my parents. On a more responsible note, I will be saving much needed money, not to mention home cooked meals and a hot tub. Even though my downtown life will dwindle to non-existent I am not too worried because it is pretty much already there anyway. I might even lose some weight if I'm not drinking so much.

As far as the goodsh**t, I will be leaving on a road trip starting March 28th that will take me from here to the Florida Keys with Ryan and I am super excited about that. I will leave you at that and keep you posted on the move and the trip.

amanda faye

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