Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Don't mess with Texas...don't drive through it either...

Didn't get a chance to post last night because I was absolutely exhausted from the drive through the rest of Arizona, New Mexico, and most of Texas. We left Tuscon around 8am on Tuesday morning and drove through New Mexico, which I have to say was pretty darn boring. Not much to look at at all and the beginning of Texas was not much different. I do have to say Texas is quite proud of itself...lots of 'Don't Mess With Texas' signs and state flags proudly displayed on just about every automobile, business building, and home. Ryan noticed a lot of anti-Obama tagging on the bathroom walls, which makes me not so proud of Texas. We drove by San Antonio around 1am, and I must say it's quite a beautiful skyline in the dead of night. Still wanted to get out of that state though. We stopped just a bit outside of San Antonio for the night, pretty much falling into the bed and passing out for the night. Only to wake up a few hours later and begin again. We left San Antonio around 9am and headed on through the rest of Texas which is surprisingly green and farm filled. Then at about 2pm we hit Louisiana, and let me say, its amazing how you can tell just what state you're in by the scenery. Just a bit before Louisiana, tall green trees begin to line the freeways like giant barrier walls and bayous and swamps swept underneath and around us. It was so mysterious and slightly creepy, but so gorgeous. If you know me at all, you know how much I love trees so I was in heaven gazing out the window for the next few hours. We passed a lot of bayous and then crossed over the Mississippi River, which looked like a lot of other rivers, but was very cool to see. Not long after that we stopped off at Lake Charles and had some shrimp gumbo and crawfish ettouffee. We drove into New Orleans around 7pm and took a breather before grabbing a beer across the street at a small bar with a live jazz band. Didn't get to enjoy the band or bar too much because I am exhausted and just want to sleep for like 12 hours. So, to wrap it up...yesterday=so-so, today=awesome, tomorrow=get to see the city! Goodnight!


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