Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The last few days have been far too busy and far to relaxing to even try to keep up on this blog. Monday we all headed down to Key West for the day. While Joe grabbed a mimosa down the street, Ryan and I started out the day with a tour of the Hemingway Home. The house was beautiful and let me have a glimpse of Hemingways life in the 1930's. As we walked past his personal library of books and through the different rooms, cats passed over our feet and darted around the house. Apparently, the story goes that a shipman who Hemingway befriended had left him with an unusual six-toed cat and still to this day, many of the 60 cats that inhabit the house and yard have the same six toes. After that we headed to Captain Tony's Bar, which is the original Sloppy Joe's, which is the bar that Hemingway frequented while living in Key West. That was awesome, and I almost left my bra there (apparently it's acceptable to hang them from the ceiling), but it's the only one I brought so I did not. Next, the three of us traveled from bar to bar enjoying the sights and the weather. I was happy to learn that it was acceptable to take your drinks to-go in Key West and drunkly drink them as you saunder down the street. This came in handy when we bought drinks at a 'clothing optional' bar and it filled up with old leathery locals. Eek. After some shopping and some eating, we headed back to the campsite around sunset and called it a we were exhausted. The next morning we woke up ready for lazy day and headed to Sombrero Beach down the street and lay in the sun and swam in the Atlantic all afternoon before returning back to the tent. Upon arrival I immediatly came to the realization that I failed to put sunscreen on from the knees down, and I was glowing in the dark. I will never learn. I slathered aloe all over and passed out in the tent. Woke up about 45 minutes later to find that Ryan and Joe had ditched me to go get drinks at the bar. I was pretty OK with this as I was ready to call it night. This morning (wednesday), with my burn feeling a bit better, we woke up and Ryan and I headed back to Key West for a lazy day of shopping and had the most amazing meal at this Cuban restaurant by the shore. Plantain nachos and Creole shrimp with Yucca, yellow rice, and black beans. So good. We gorged ourselves then walked around a bit more and headed back to the campsite around 4pm to pack up and head to Miami. Joe takes off tomorrow morning, and I take off on Friday morning so we are staying in Miami a few nights until then. Camping has been fun, but I am so glad to be in a hotel room. Now i'm off to bed in an ACTUAL bed and I am super excited about it...GOODNIGHT!

amanda faye

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