Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Upside of Down...

So, two weeks after my adventure began, here I sit at home reflecting on my time away in it's entirety. I spent a lazy day in Miami, before catching my flight back home, with a short layover in Houston. In Miami, Ryan and I tried our luck at Cuban food again. Ryan found a well reviewed restaurant online that wasn't to far from the hotel, so we headed over anticipating the same greatness we found in Key West. Once we got there, we were quickly seated, as there were only two other people in the place. We looked over the delicious food on the menu, which was in both Spanish and English and when the waiter came to take our order we realized he spoke little to no English. We gestured with our hands, pointed here and there on the menu, and said yes to most of what ever it was the waiter said to us. As he left to put in our order we came to the conclusion that lunch was going to be abundant and a bit of a surprise. It took two waitresses to carry our food to the table and it all looked delicious. We dove in, and Ryan immediately discovered that although he distinctly ordered 'pollo' he was eating 'carne de vaca'. My pork chunks were tasty, although nothing on our plates measured up to our last Cuban meal. We left feeling unsatisfied, but adventurous. The next day we said our goodbyes and I caught the shuttle to the Miami International Airport. Two long flights helped me gather my thoughts about my entire trip, and as I rested my forehead against the tiny, cold airplane window I watched each town and city pass beneath me in a flash. I thought about all the tall, beautiful trees that whirled past the roadside that I wasn't able to see. I envisioned the rest stops an gas stations full of shady characters and bathroom graffiti that I wasn't able to witness. I missed the hot dusty wind forcing my hair to whip me in the face. I wanted the sunburned forehead from the sun roof being open all day. I lifted my head to tell the stewardess that I wouldn't be needing a turkey dog and closed my eyes. The sights and sounds that carried me through a week of driving passed beneath me in a few hours and I finally came to the realization that the open road is definitely the best way to travel.

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